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    Hi, folks!

    I bought MiniCNC mechanical CNC kit a couple of weeks ago. It is low cost CNC machine designed by "Society of hobby electronics of Slovenia". They made around 150 machines for their members and I am one of them. It's work area is 220mm x 290 mm x 45 mm (ca. A4 paper size).

    Here are two videos of already assembled machine:

    It is time now to assembly my own. I have already powder coated steel parts and prepared aluminium parts for anodization. I have just ordered masking plugs and polyester tape to protect threads and surfaces with close tolerances against effects of anodization.

    I listed some parts bellow which I am planning to install into it.

    1x Kress 1050 FME-1
    1x 5 Axis CNC Breakout Board
    3x Nema 23 Stepper 1.3NMm 2.8A
    3x Leadshine M542 V2.0 Microstepping Driver
    3x CNC-Plus 20mm Jaw Couplings
    3x CNC-Plus Transmission Element For Couplings

    And there are some pics of my non-assembled machine:

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    Got aluminium parts from anodization.

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    Hi nice small machine, be interesting to see what it does!

    something you said caught my guard, is it worth/necessary to anodize your alu parts? I have several parts already machined can I anodize them? or does it change hole sizes and such?

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    Tidy liitle machine (Andrej knows his stuff!) - are you going to put a front cover plate to protect your X axis? ....that first video you linked to the swarf there is brutal & it will surely prematurely wear out your moving parts.
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    Honestly, I anodized them because I like the finish. Holes are bigger after anodization, but It is not a big deal since they are bigger for 0.02mm or less. Preventively I protected internal threads with silicone plugs.

    It is interesting that bigger parts are darker and thicker anodized. I should ask anodizing guy why.

    HankMcSpank: Yes, I am looking for a way to protect moving parts from dust and oil.
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    I have to make a decision about drivers.

    PoLabs PoStep60-256 vs. Leadshine M542 V2.0


    What do you guys think?

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    I would go with Postep as, you could buy the board, the drivers, 3nm motors and the PSU from them, Unfortunately they sold all drives so they said in something like 3 weeks.
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    Quote Originally Posted by TheGoodGuy View Post
    Hughhhh, 20 euro less????? Or just they still have not made the actual price, selling old batch. Then grab them cause at Pokeys site are 64 euro

    I wonder if not to grab 4 at that price.
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    These are the same drivers. They have been on the market since March or April.
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