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    Quote Originally Posted by Clive S View Post
    Dean. You took the words right out of my mouth I was just about to say all that. ..Clive
    Ye I know you was Clive and I'm just a faster typer thats only reason I beat you to it.! . .

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    Quote Originally Posted by JAZZCNC View Post

    Edit: Oh and your G-code doesn't help matters by creating arcs with tiny lines. Try using a post processor that uses (i) (j) Arc moves instead of breaking each arc into tiny straight lines. Could also be a setting in the Cam software.?

    Aspire has an option to simplify the vectors you are intending to cut. I think it is called "smooth" or some such. you can change the setting in that option to make the number of line segments less. Gives you machine a much easier time. You will hear the difference from the sound of the axis motors.
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    Thanks for the thoughts. All very helpful.

    I'm amazed that i've not found this to be a major issue before? The machine was built for one purpose which its managed very well, running for several thousand hours quite happily. I did a basic setup when I built the machine but not much fine tuning. Its a belt drive running directly of a 15T sprocket. Still i've always wondered why it cut radius (none critical) in an odd way sometimes. looks like this combination of feed, velocity and acceleration is critical.

    You suggest increase acceleration in motor tuning, as 100 is quite low. What would be your suggestion there?

    Based upon your advice to lower velocity and increase acceleration whats your guess for a decent feed speed?

    Thanks for all advice.

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    Thanks for the Aspire info. i shall seek out "smooth" and amend.

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    Quote Originally Posted by marbles View Post
    Thanks for the Aspire info. i shall seek out "smooth" and amend.
    the button looks like an S with a line through it.

    I have had this with small jobs too, the finish looked very rough and the machine was very jerky at higher speeds. With the smoothing, because you are actually telling the machine to do circular sector, it interpolates intrinsically and is just so much smoother.
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    I'm just in Aspire now and using the 'S' fit curves to selected vectors tool. I can see the difference in file size immediately. I just need to remember to tick the 'replace selected vector' box otherwise end up with two files on top of each other.

    I see a 'T' tool in vectror curves section of Aspire which is convert objects to curves. Similar or not, or for another day I wonder?


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    That is for converting text fonts into curves so you can profile them or edit them like vectors.
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