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    Ok.... It's Chinese, works well, identical on all 3 axis.......
    Question is who's is it and what's a good make to do a complete swap with if it goes tits up ?

    Anyone any ideas?

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    If you can't fix it with a hammer you've got an electrical problem !

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    You need to find the following things:

    The A and V at which the motor is driven on that machine.

    So find the PSU and see what V and W for all motors. Then find the stepper drive and see at what A it drives the motor.

    Thats all.
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  4. Its a nema 23, looks to be about 70-80mm long so will be between 1.8 and 2Nm.
    Its 4 wire, so check the driver to see what the current is set to and then you will be quite close.

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