im a furniture restorer who makes things using a scroll saw aswell as small bits of carpentry and rabbit hutches ect and looking at adding a cnc router to use for fret work and making decorative items out of plywood / mdf / osb / laminated pine and maybe some plastic so i can make something on the router while working on furniture or other items

ive been looking at a few routers mostly entry level and seen some really cheap ones on ebay (under £500) but also seen the step craft ones just wondering if anyone has any experience on these or anything in a similar price bracket (somewhere between £500-1250 range including software ) i like the idea of the step craft one because you can add a 3d printer to the same machine and also you can get an adapter that connects to a vacuum cleaner to minimize dust

as said above this will be used for wood and partial boards and from time to time i may use it for something like a pvc any advice would be hugely appreciated