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    well done Jazz, super build. best of luck Alex.

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    awesome! can you post any videos by any chance? love to see some of the machines here working in real time!

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    great build ! any idea what the total cost came to ? im looking at building a machine like that

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    High Y rails to remove the flexi side plate inaccuracy, table adjusts up and down to remove the Z overhang, hard to fault it
    Traditionally on a Jazz machine, one crucial component will be hand forged from lager beer bottle caps, have you found it yet?

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    Quote Originally Posted by JAZZCNC View Post
    Well Alex must say your a sly bugger I didn't see you taking those pics and wasn't expecting this but hey least your praising not slagging. . .Lol

    Thanks All for nice comments and those pics don't show just how heavy that bloody thing is.!!. . . Plenty of tea was required after humping that thing around. (Bacon butty's also went down nice as well thanks to Alex's lovely wife.!!) 6mm wall steel don't walk around the floor and now I think Alex fully realises why he went to the trouble of removing wooden floor and laying concrete slab.!!.

    Looks like didn't take you long to get back into using a CNC machine Alex and look forward to seeing what comes off the end. Wish you well with your business and machine performs to expectations giving you that new dimension CNC allows.

    Here's few pics I took that show it with control box on wall and with all it's covers on.

    Attachment 15310Attachment 15311Attachment 15312
    Hi Dean , i know it was some time ago , but would you be interested in building me a similar machine ? and what would it cost in total ?

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    Traditionally on a Jazz machine, one crucial component will be hand forged from lager beer bottle caps, have you found it yet?
    That was when he was learning TIG
    The more you know, The better you know, How little you know

  7. Very nice machine!

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    Very Nice. Looks a great machine, sorry the timing was wrong when I wanted a 'Jazz' machine but I am in the fortunate position to be wanting a second one soon, so expect a PM Jazz :-)

    Would that be Alex of RV woodcraft by any chance????

    Have fun
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