The bullet has been well and truly bitten. Took delivery of a Warco WM18 in the week.Ran it up fine. The column looks a little spindaly so may have to add a couple of strengtheners. Actual movements turn smoothly, but as yet not checked for any play. Yesterday went to CNC4YOU in Milton Keynes to purchase electronics plus ballscrews and nuts plus a MACH3 licence, very helpful people. Going to use 20mm dia on the Z axis, 16mm on X & Y. Leaving spindle control manual ( The budget has to stop somewhere ) The intention is to manufacture an air cooled single cylinder motorcycle engine making as many parts as possible at home. Already have a pair of bullet proof crankcase castings that need to be machined. I am going to machine the ballscrews and associated bits and pieces after softening the ends. Will post again as soon as some real progress is made. What CAD/CAM package do members recommend. Use Autosketch V10 for 2D at the moment, any advice would be most welcome.