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    A used 4 axis CNC foam cutting machine. This is the cut 2300S model made by CNC Multitool, purchased brand new from Germany. Great for cutting styrofoam which can be used to make airplane wings, 3D letters, logos, columns, packaging, furniture, and similar. The machine is currently configured as a hot wire cutter, but this could be replaced with a horizontal rail to create a mill.


    Maximum Cutting area: 305cm (L) x 105cm (W) x 130cm (H)
    Maximum Frame size: 312cm (L) x 180cm (W) x 166cm (H)

    What is included:

    • Frame and with two independent linear carriages that move in the x and y directions
    • One turntable with stepper motor, another turntable without motor
    • Driver board for stepper motor
    • Hot wire
    • Frame Assembly Manual

    All the steppers motors are fully functioning, however in both the x direction of both rails there is a limited range of motion. The y direction works finds and the carriages traverse the whole length without jamming.

    What you need to add to get a fully working machine:

    • A Windows XP computer with a parallel port
    • Software to operate the machine, e.g. MAch3 or Foamworks,
    • Software to generate the 4 axis g code, e.g. deskCNC
    • An electric unit to heat the hot wire
    • New or straightened central threaded roads (these maybe the possible cause of the rail jam, however buyer will have to diagnose the exact problem themselves)

    Asking price is 1000. Collection only from Oval, London, weekdays from 9.30am-6.30pm. The middle section of the frame can be removed such that the two rail sections collapse down to an area occupying:

    100cm(L) x 190cm(W) x 166cm (H)

    If you have a large enough van so the two halves of the machine can be transported together, that would be the easiest collection solution. Alternatively you are welcome to come and disassemble the frame itself into smaller components (within our working hours), though this could take a couple of hours.
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    I have now sold this machine.


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