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    Hi all...

    Have spent a huge amount of time rooting through USA websites, all research for building my own first CNC router.. Have now settled on a design which is cheap (MDF and ally)

    Loved watching this guy build the whole thing in his front room! Have come up with many mods to this design as mine needs to be 6' x 4' workable area and so rigidity will be an issue.

    This will be my first excursion into CNC and after making the first one, I will try to make a better quality 5 axis machine capable of turning as well as milling. I have a legacy ornamental mill (very frustrating machine) which I suspect will be a source of man parts I will need..

    I have practiced assuming the begging position as it will be the sourcing of motors, controllers and software etc that I think will be my hurdles, hope you will all be patient with my many amateur-like questions about these things..!

  2. Also the dust from MDF is known to give you cancer.
    So when you cut it wear a mask.

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    I agree Gary, planning on not inhaling for a couple of weeks!!!

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    We just need Monica now to blow the magic smoke away.
    John S -

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