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    Im not sure Hpc is selling the same machine as an eBay machine. I am assuming they have had to do things to meet UK health and safety legislation and its hard to imagine that they could survive and expand selling basic eBay machines. Yes buying from an importer is more expensive but they are supplying a degree of service you can't get from an eBay seller such as a guarantee and serviceguarantee. We haven't had to mess with the motion control stuff and when things went wrong (not their fault) they repaired it under the guarantee. When I said getting your hands dirty I was referring to the water cooling and alignment. I know people who have epilog machines and they just don't have these kind of issues. I understand someone buying cheap who is willing to invest a lot of time repairing but we need certainty and Hpc provided a balance between price and convenience.

    Are these quality machines ?

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    They look pretty good to me !! Nice website and professional.

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    Cheers Komatias,
    Im concerned about backup if things go wrong, spares and email help etc. Not sure if all ebay sellers can provide this, any experiences with your girlfriends model ?


    The machines are minimal in terms of elelctornics so most parts can be sourced on ebay. The only expensive part and maybe difficult to get is the laser tube. The sellers are pretty good at responding too. As for the software, it is basic but good enough for the job.

    see example 6mm pine, cut at 90% power 20mm/sec, engraving 30% power 200mm/sec:

    The good bit is you can send data to the machine through USB, Ethernet or just plug a usb stick in.
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    Machine tools and 3D printing supplies. Expanding constantly.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Gasgasbones View Post
    I suspect most come from china at some point ?
    That it was made in China tells you almost nothing about the quality, TBH - China produces some great stuff as well as total rubbish.

    Quote Originally Posted by Gasgasbones View Post
    Quite liked the look of this one
    Any one know about these ?
    I'm pretty sure it's a Chinese import. You can tell from a few things - the graphic formats it supports, the Chinese character examples work, the control panel and the mention of 'imported' bearing and mirrors.

    Quote Originally Posted by Gasgasbones View Post
    Youtube brings up tons of the cheap looking ebay stuff but not much else it seems apart from some big industrial ones !
    I heard Epilog and Full Spectrum Laser a lot. As I understand it, Epilog's the Rolls-Royce. Full Spectrum Laser produce something a little more affordable.

    One of the less obvious differences is the software that you get with these. There are a lot of complaints about Mochidraw (the stuff that comes with the Chinese ones) but I've seen a few spirited defenses.

    Also, if you need features like grayscale engraving, I think the Full Spectrum will and the Epilog definitely can, but the Chinese ones I've seen can't. (From what I've seen, the Chinese ones lack the hardware features you'd want for this - the DSP board has no control over laser power and Mochidraw doesn't support it anyway).

    I think what you really need to do is to go see these working.

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    Mine has RDworks and works fine withe changes to the power output, you can grey scale no problem. The contorl board inside the machine is specifically made for elaser work and seems very reliable.

    Before commiting, do your own research.
    Machine tools and 3D printing supplies. Expanding constantly.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Gasgasbones View Post
    They look pretty good to me !! Nice website and professional.
    Yes epilog are amazing machines if you are willing to pay many thousands of pounds for even their smallest model. Look for a company who can actually serviceor repair a machine in the Uk and who carry spares when buying a Chinese machine. Its great if you can find a company who will deliver and help set up the machine.

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