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  1. Hello.

    As I have been signed up for some time but not posted I tought I would be best to say hello.

    My name is Mark, but I have been given the name Mad Professor meny years back with some of the stuff I end up making.

    I am based on a little 25x20mile island floating around near southamton / portsmouth.

    For some time now I have been playing with the idea of building a small CNC mill to help aid building PCB and small items that might need to be milled.

    I already have 4 stepper motors and a 36ish volt 10amp power supply, and a simple DIY drive board.

    I am sure that you will see a number of questions from me shortly.

    Thanks for your time.

    Best Regards.

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    So you have got the motors, you have got the power supply, you have got the drive board, so where's the machine ?

    Oh BTW welcome. :heehee:

    John S -

  3. machine? oh am I ment to build that as well? Doh I know I forgot something.

    On the plus side I have lots of drawings on my desk not that I can see my desk.

  4. Kip: now how did I know someone would have to give me that bit of advice, oh yer been told that before.

    If I am unable to build or program my own pic driver board then I will be indeed looking at buying driver boards.

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