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    "Plugged in" or "Wired in"? And with what cable running to the shop?
    If your machine can draw enough current to throw the breaker is it possible that you're getting mains voltage drop in your shop when the mill is running?
    Ideally you should have a breaker on the wall which will trip before the mill can throw the supply breaker,


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    Hi Nick,
    Thank you for your msg. What I have is a two way socket in a shed in that has a plug in circuit breaker, from there I have approximately 70 meters of 1.5mm 3 core cable to a container where I have my machine plugged in just the normal 3 pin plug. I only have one machine in the container so I am not running lathes, saws or any other machines just the mill. I used the circuit breaker in hope it would help protect my mill.
    Many thanks

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    Hi Jazz,

    I thought I would thank you for your help and let you know how I got on. I struggled to check the connections to the balls screws as there is a casting for the stepper in the way and I was not sure about taking things apart I don't understand. I set a dial gauge up (a 1" second-hand one made in China) setting the x and y to zero with the G0 moves you suggested for the x and y, the needle fell each time no further out than a thou graduation so I am assuming that is pretty good. Do you think that takes away the worry of perhaps loosing step and the coupler issue? The dial gauge is perhaps not perfect. I could attach a picture of the motor mounts if you thing I should investigate further.

    Thanks ever so much you have helped me a lot.


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