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    Yes it's cut into a Portland stone memorial and you can see the detail you can get but you need to work at it.
    This is an STL file and if you set up to turn your blank over to cut both sides you would have a 3d model in full, or cut two seperate sides and attach together.

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    A bit busy but will try to help. Send file and desired size at costademaria @ send me as much info possible , material, why, what when....
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    Hi all, i am searching for a software which can convert multiply color images to depthmaps, so i can make a relief from a depthmap using Aspire. Any idea ?

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    if you want good result, forget about multiple. You will need to touch manually here and there. But Photoshop can do all you need, batches also. In fact Photoshop is the standard. All else is a copy of it. But check if Lightroom could do that.
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    No program in the world will do a real high quality 3D model/ bas relief from a photo.
    It's an artistic work only a human can do.

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    Its art rather than science, how far in depth do want to go

    Cambam and Meshcam Art both have fre trials and will do bmp to height maps

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    Height map is a totally different thing.

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