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    Thanks guys, buckets of info to digest...

    Cables... Would also be concerned about thermal loading, stretchy in the summer, shrinkage in winter (if you can tell the difference nowadays, where is our global warming gone?).. Would have to insulate my workshop to the nth degree just to minimize this problem...

    Nuts.. Damn right they are expensive Hiltonsteve.. Could you hang back on your offer for a few days please? Better get the leadscrew sorted and Tom's point on sourcing it could be a bit of a hurdle.. If I can get to my friends lathe I should be able to screw cut some, 16mm would be easier as a tiny bore would mean a tiny tool, also will reduce screw-whip..

    Gonna get all the mdf and angle this weekend and get right into it.. Leadscrews and motors can wait till next week... Could still do with a bit of advice on motors chaps...

    Will hopefully fill this post with progress piccies as I do each stage... Loads of thank you's for all your advice guys (are there no women on this forum?) and please keep it all coming, two heads are better than one etc (thats what I keep telling my girlfriend)...
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    Oh bum....! Have been thoroughly corrupted now having seen this set of videos http://buildyourcnc.com/blacktoe.aspx
    Reckon I can do this build as it is very straightforward, also like the vee bearing rails.... Although I am somewhat shocked at the prices of the vee bearings, anyone tried bolting two bearings together and using the chamfers on the od between them as a vee?
    Also, as mine will have a 48" y-axis, I am back to the idea of twin motors and leadscrews.. Sigh... Need to get on with it now...
    Gonna start building next week..

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    Yeah, mdf... But doesn't it run sweetly? The designer is an architect and seems to know what he is doing, have also chatted to some of his customers who are utter converts to this design... And of course, it answers my original question about twin leadscrews on the x-axis, the answer being 2 motors and a 4 axis controller..
    Got to be worth a bosh for the cost of some mdf and ally angle...

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    Here you are then Hemsworthlad, job oppertunity for you, no excuse now.

    Kip, loads of John S's on the zone

    John S -

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    I am going to try your first 'suggestion'... Bandsaw, couple of sheets of mdf and some bits and bobs.... Dont have metal cutting equipment, am a cabinet maker...
    Will let you know how I get on..

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    Quote Originally Posted by Hemsworthlad View Post
    Never gave any excuses or need any bud. . . . . . . I Wouldnt rip another blokes idea off just like wouldnt waste good money on that!! . . . . . . . . Mdf is cheap as chips and a few bits of bearings and metal shouldnt cost that much money.
    I know the blokes put a bit of work into design but Cmon 728.00 for a 2 sheets of Mdf and 50.00 quids wuff of bits n bobs. . . . . . . Thats a rippoff
    and it,s not like it,s a unique design or owt is it. . . . . . Like Kip said its. . Old as the Noah.:nope:
    Most routers are, I have seen loads and although some have a unique part the total design is very similar.

    Drive systems is where most differ, screw, ballscrew, rack, timing belt etc.

    John S -

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    I have more toys than Santa, or so Gert says. :naughty:
    Problem is remembering where they all are.

    True story,
    Guy put an advert on the Homeworkshop.org site.

    "For sale Rung Fu major milling machine, I bought this machine off John Stevenson about 3 years ago and never used it but took the DRO off to use on another machine, here's John description of it when I bought it ...............etc"

    I wondered what happened to that, I thought I'd misplaced it...

    John S -

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