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  1. Is there a lower limit on which you still have to pay VAT/duty?

    Here in Oz, anything brought in for personal use and valued under $1000 is GST (VAT) exempt.


  2. Quote Originally Posted by Kip View Post
    You sure you're not a Yorshireman Irving: :D
    Only by association - I am fan of the wide open spaces, walking the moors in the rain, and driving over Saddleworth Moor in the sunshine with the roof down at insane speeds... the A616/629 from the M1 to Holmfirth (I have a good friend who lives at Thongsbridge) isn't bad either for a spirited run!

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    They are nice units, whats the cost per unit Sparks ?

    Yea ill defo join Kip on this one, really nice gota love the size of them. Cant wait to see how you put them to use/mount Sparks !

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    Hello Lee

    They cost $299 + $25 shipping, thats around 200ish at current exchange rates.

    Yes its a cracking unit, built in bob and quite good functionality, also if any of the individual drives fail all you do is pull it out and plug in another.

    The unit is going into a 19 inch rack mount case into a cut-out in the front panel. PSU also going into a separate rack case, I'm trying to make it modular so I can swap things about if need be. Also helps things out from an EMC prospective as well.

    Router stand nearly fabbed up, was given a couple of beer pumps so now I'm thinking of using one of them for a suds pump or spray mist unit????? dunno yet. So much to do so little time! I'm now fancying a Wabeco mill!! Where will it all end??

    Catch you later

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    I'm considering a Gecko 540 for my Starmill. Are you happy with it's performance?

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