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    remember no touching ground with those wires, and try not to touch the copper

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    Quote Originally Posted by i2i View Post
    remember no touching ground with those wires, and try not to touch the copper
    Ive taken that board out, not taking a chance with it until confirmed. Sorting home / datum switches now, a bit confusing. Home is X all the way to the left, Y all the way to the person but the datum plate is on the other side.

    Is datum not home?

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    Ok. clearly not although it uses switches called datum, that is what is confusing. The Triac usermanual confirms the same - home is correct as I have it now.

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    Can anyone explain why, when the CS Labs unit has a fault condition, my machine basically drives both X and Y to the positions furtherest from home? How do I stop this from happening?

    Also, spindle relay wired, connected to output 6 on the CS Labs digital output but spindle doesnt run. I try M3 and M4, I can see Mach 3 flashing that there is activation, but the actual relay (24V out on output 6) doesnt kick in.

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    Actually, I think I know why in the first instance. I need to get enable to work via the controller. Currently the DER (Drive Enable Relay - which cuts power to the drives), is hardwired as its 0V 'on'. That said, why is something controlling it (ie, giving it reference to move), when there is a fault? Some type of failsafe?

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    And we have life, although the motor output is being set manually at the moment and still need to sort my machine runs X Y positive when controller resets.

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    Ok, spindle now starts on M3 code. Progress.

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    Not happy with the E Stop setup. Im currently using most of the original wiring but on 'reset' my X and Y still moves in the + directions. I then wired off the 24V switched to tell the CS Labs that the Emergency Stop was hit. This works but resetting is tricky.

    I am going to remove the E stop setup in the current wiring mode and just wire it to the controller. Ill work another way to enable the drives.

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    I am basically deciding same stuff for my machine.

    So i wired Estop to the servo drives not to the board. The board just enables the drives. So I hit the Estop and the drives stop instantly, they emit alarm signal that disables the board and puts all in reset condition. I reset from mach3 and board resets drives and enables them/ 2 different pins that go to relays/

    What i am saying is that is ok for the board to have second circuit connected to the estop button, but its a must to stop the servos, so thats why servos usually have Estop and limit switch inputs, to react faster than boards.
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  10. The way it should be done is to have the Estop connected to an emergency relay that will cut off the AC going to the Servo drivers. The Servo drivers should have a DC supply that still powers the logic up, so when the estop is hit, even though the AC is dropped, the driver still knows where it is.
    You can also have the Limits connected to the relay as well as the csmio.

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