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    I want to use the spare parts from my x1 mill and need to cut some 55 degree dovetails but I have only seen 60 and 45 degree cutters are others available or will it be easier to cut with slitting saw etc.


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    One slight problem.

    If that's a 1 1/2" cutter then the shank is 3/4" or 7/8" judging from the picture.

    A tad on the big size for a MT2 collet on an X1 :heehee:

    Slitting saw or use a 45 degree cutter and do two passes, one at vertical and one at 10 degree tilt.

    John S -

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    No I only have the x1 mill.
    I want to machine a new base si I can use my spare parts on my drilling machine as it would give me a x-y table.
    I may get that 55 degree cutter and turn the shank down to 1/2" dia.
    Cheaper than the 40 found on the net.


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    You won't turn the shank down it's solid HSS.
    John S -

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    I thought you could turn hss using carbide insert cutters, I'm sure I've done it before.


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    I'll check in the morning to see what I have.
    I did have one reground once for a weird Taiwanese mortiser but I reckon it was 65 degrees.

    Anyway I'll still check and if I have one you can borrow it.
    John S -

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