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    Normally I'd post this in the Request for Work section but I'm short on time and I'm after higher traffic!

    I've got three bits that I need to make compatible with a screw mounting. My original plan was to drill and tap, but the little buggers are perfectly round and defeating my ability to hold them straight. Plus I think I've just killed the plastic gears in the mill.

    Is there somebody in (or near) Derby who might be able to drill & tap these... tonight?

    Like I said, a bit of a long shot :(

    The bit comes from a flexible ball-joint for a lighting stand (the black thing on the left in the second photo). Inside is a the round bit that I need to drill & tap (the first photo, also in the middle of the second photo). It needs to fit the thread on the stand (the light silver bit on the right of the second photo).

    No worries is not, this is a bit of a hail mary!
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    Chuck the part facing down in the mill and put the centre drill facing up in the vice?
    You can also do some small basic turning in a mill with a tool held in a vice ;-)

    - Nick

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    Now that's worth a punt. I'm in the process of buying a few days but might well end up trying that!

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    I can happily do them while you wait or post them to sheffield

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    Do you have a TARDIS as well as a lathe by any chance?

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    Hi Ian, Thanks for the offer. I managed to organise an alternative option for the day but I still need to get this done at some point in the near future!

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