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    My main interest is in woodworking, real wood not that stabilised nonsense and i mainly mess around making e-cigarettes.

    Tools wise it's fairly basic, plunge router and a wobbly workmate just getting a level surface to route is enough to have me reaching for the drink anyway it's fun and it keeps me out of trouble.

    I'm also interested in using aluminium for box designs and it's how i stumbled upon CNC articles, fascinating stuff and it seems to be the answer i'm looking for to get more precision from my work and anything has to be better than a wobbly workmate.

    Nice to be here and i hope to talk with a few of you soon.


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    Hi, wellcome to the forum. I know that you said on you other post that you did not wish to selfbuild, but that would probably be the best route for you to try. you may be lucky enough to persuade one of our more experienced members tobuild one for you, or speak to Sylvaski (Boyan) about a project that he is about to undertake, or give up smoking!!! Good luck with whatever you decide. G.

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    Thanks Geoffrey, i'll have a look at some build threads here, even if it's beyond my ability it really makes interesting reading.

    It's the wiring that concerns me as i've always been a believer in not messing with the two things i can't see; electricity and gas but it may be the only way to get the machine that ticks all the boxes.

    What is the project Sylvaski is undertaking? i'll have a look around and try to find it if it's public, many thanks for the welcome and advice :)


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