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    Ahhh...ok I get it now....said I was being thick!! I know v little about plasma cutters....and it shows!!


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    Little bit slower now, onto the small fiddly bits....

    Got the Axis hard-stops and beam end-covers designed, cut and fitted..

    Fitted the floating head, torch mount and probe/limit switches...

    The front Y & A axis limit/home switches...

    And the Y far-end limit switch...

    Started work on fitting the cable chain to the X axis now.

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    Looking good, it's the little bits that seem to take the most time....


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    Looking sweet Dave, nice bit of metal work there!

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    another slow day today, had a few orders to make then fitted the cable tracks and trunking and started planning out the bed support frame.

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    had a couple of hours today, fitted the last of the limit switches and started on the slat support frame.

    I thought a seperate frame would be best to avoid putting any heat into the side frames and make replacement easy.

    50 40 x 5mm angle fitted into bed opening and a strip fitted to its bottom edge to support the slats vertically.

    Quite disappointingly when i did the heavy tacks to secure the bottom return strips, the angle warped and is now 4mm high in the middle

    Not good, not sure what to do about it - ignore it and let the THC tackle it, maybe slit the angles vertically in two or three places, press it flat and weld up or something else.

    I didn't think angle that heavy would warp!

    Apart from that it s all going to plan

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    Slat bed fitted at last, total PITA

    Not 100% happy with it as the 50x3mm strip i ordered is a range of anything between 48x3 and 52x3 !
    Will be changing it some time soon i think.

    I also fixed the warped slat rails very nicely -

    A quick slice with a 2mm disc and weld-up, now it sits perfectly flat on the side beams

    The vertical weld was also my first vertical-up weld as i'm normally a bench top welder, didn't come out too bad i thought

    Stripped it all for paint now, hopefully the weather will be good tomorrow.

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    Feeling a bit blue today...


    Main frame...

    Had to repaint the side beams as i forgot to fit the dust shields for the HiWin rails, probably not too important as the blocks have hard scrapers and extra seals fitted on all ends

    Now to start rebuilding and final fitting.

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    Extract tray / chamber arrived today...

    Quality is excellent, glad i outsourced this part

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    Looking good Dave, coming together nicely!


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