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    I Just had a quick look at mine and you should be able to retrofit the linear rails no problem, assuming it is very similar setup to the S1400.

    I know bugger all about electronics, so not sure about crowbarring current etc. Are you using it with a Kress Spindle/Router and are you running it from the power take off on the back of the controller, maybe having it powered from a seperate socket might help? (but like i say electronics is not my thing lol)
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    I should be able to get linear rails on the side of the extruded frame and pick up the gantry sides. Might need to alter the power chain arrangement. LOL sorry about the electronics waffle. Crowbar just means as it gets hot it reduces the current to the motor so it doesn't burn out the chip in the event of overheat. That in turn means your stepper soon has insufficient current to make it step anymore and it then drags the Z axis around the work at whatever height (normally last down feed), could do with current sensing on each axis to deal with this. The machine has its own supply as I am running a 3 phase spindle, again the X-Controller interests me as they will provide a 0-10vdc out that can control the spindle speed controller.

    My Heiz controller is one of the early models, not the newer metal cased jobs.
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