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    Well general life/work drama nixed my cnc project 3 years ago but I'm now in a position to resurrect it and get the thing built.

    You guys have done some amazing builds, the logs are great, I'm impressed that the epoxy levelling seems to work so well. I'm intending to build a gantry machine with a cutting area of about 1300x700, adjustable bed so that I can mount a 4th axis at some point, welded mild steel & epoxy granite with epoxy levelling for the rail mounts.

    A few questions about beams for linear rail mounting:

    I have been looking at epoxy specs, this stuff from easycomposites
    Compared to westsystems 209 it has 30% better viscosity, double the pot life, sets slightly harder and seems to be slightly cheaper for a 5kg pack. Anyone tried this stuff for levelling?

    I also found this company they are based in Bakewell and sell graded, washed, kiln dried quartz aggregates specifically for epoxy. They sell it for driveways but I'm wondering if anyone has tried using their aggregate for machine building?

    Finally, I have toying around with ideas for my rail beams, any thoughts on these 3 ideas?

    Option 1) 50x50x3 steel square, filled with EG and epoxy levelled on top.
    Option 2) C channel, reinforced with steel bar, EG filled and epoxy levelled.
    Option 3) C channel, aluminium bar placed vertically to drill and tap into, EG filled and epoxy levelled.

    Thanks for your help in advance. :)
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