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    We have a Huanyang hy02d223b frequence convertor, and we obtain the problem that we can drive a motot of 2,2 Kw 1750Rpm, but no pmower is driving the motor, i.e. the motor runs untill a well definedlower frquence, but above that frequence the motor does’nt turn anymore, althoughwe hear in the motor that the frequence ( sound in motor ) amounts in functionof the pot meter setting.

    We thing ithas something to do with the parameter setting in the convertor, but did’nt find the solution untill now.

    Has anybody some idea about the reason of this problem ?
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    If I'm understanding this correct then it sounds like a frequency setting problem?

    Have a look at the first post here http://www.mycncuk.com/threads/5814-...nd-Advice-More and go through your setup again and make sure that the setings are as per the values stated, specifically PD011 (I set this to 0 so it can go all the way down to 0RPM though I don't know how useful this will be!!)

    Build log...here

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    Thanks foor the answer.............wil try this parameter setting and let know the result. gtngs


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    I set up the same VFD using the parameters given in the thread mentioned by njhussey and everything works fine. I also recommend that you spend some time to review the manual which describes the function of all of the parameters, I found this very useful.

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