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    I recently converted my Booxford160 to pc operation with a LOT of help from a forum member. I finally got it to work ok . So i put a job in the chuck that was an odd shape and went a bit too fast. The result was spectacular the machine vibrated that much the reversing contactor shorted and blew the rectifier in the speed controller with quite a big bang. I got a new reversing contactor quite cheap on e bay and the rectifier was quite easy to replace but all is not well with the motor. It sparks and smells so i stopped it . i tried a treadmill motor but it starts ok and then immediately stops . So does any body know how much it is to rewind the lenze 500 watt motor or has any body got one for sale.Any advice at all will be most helpful .thanks
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    Boxford themselves advertise a replacement main motor for 243, plus VAT presumably.



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    The motors for 125 & 160 are listed as the same part, I've got a fully working 125 I'm planning to convert to 3 phase shortly, part of the plan was stripping out the motor and control circuitry & bunging it on ebay but I'm open to offers, drop me a PM if you're interested

    - Nick

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