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    Hi all, I have just joined your forum as I have finally decided to build something. After long thought I decided that I would go for the CNC option rather than a 3d printer at least for now. The CNC will help me make the 3d printer I hope but that is some time away.

    My goals at this stage are still fluid, I do know that I want to mill Wood, plastics, aluminium and possibly brass. The size being relatively modest a I believe. Of course there is one school of thought which says what can cut a lot can cut a little so make it big. But with big size comes big cost, and this for me at least is a hobby.

    So my plan of attack is to confirm some overall size requirements and sketch a design after trawling through this forum. At the moment I am leaning towards an x bed with an y and z gantry style system.

    Once I start building with this I will post a new build thread so you guys can comment so that I don't make too many costly errors of judgement (all advice freely given will not cause blame to be attached ) and of course to provide some amusement to those with more experience than I.

    Here is to good building
    Chat again soon
    The NippyOne

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    Hi there! Welcome to the forum....when you've got some idea of the size and the design put up some skecthes of your design and I'm sure that everyone will chip in with comments.

    Make sure you read all the build logs as there's a wealth of information there and it will save you quite a lot of re-designs (ask me how I know!!) and think ahead to things like bolt positioning (can you actually get to the bolts to assemble it, disassemble it, part disassemble it for maintenance/greasing) where you're going to put your energy chain and thus cable runs, look at the rail/table design to make sure you have no dead wasted spaces (I have!!) on your table or design your table to include the dead space but so you have the working area you need...there's lots more but you'll find it beneficial to read all the various build log threads and gleen all the information from them!

    Anyway welcome and good luck

    Build log...here

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    Thanks for the warm welcome, it looks like a case fo the more you know the more you realise there is to learn, thanks for the encouragement
    the NippyOne

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    It's one continual learning curve that's for sure!

    Build log...here

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