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    After looking at many CNC routers, I came across one call the sidewinder,it's made by an American guy.
    i received the plans, and everything seems straight forward.
    until I tried to get specialised parts.
    The electrics,stepper motors etc (plug and play) can only be purchased from the States. 135 for p&p + the parts
    then the Lead-screw and couplers another 140 for p&p + parts again. So that's 275 JUST in postage.
    if there is anyone who could advise of another way around using parts from UK I'd be over the moon.

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    Get yourself some 4.2a motor drivers, some 3Nm nema 23 stepper motors, a bob (brake out board) then dive on to ebay for the leadscrews :).

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    Hi Lee sounds good.
    But how difficult.
    I liked the sidewinder set up as it was plug and play.
    I'm ok on the woodworking side, but not very technically minded.

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    Why do you thing that things like stepper motors, drivers and leadscrews are only available in the USA?
    The plans may lave links to parts in the USA, but this is because these are the parts that they recommend and this maybe because the plans were put together in the USA.
    Leadscrews are cheap in the UK as well as stepper motors and drivers.
    Also i would say plans are typically not worth the paper they are printed on, and looking at the sidewinder CNC, i would bin the plans and start from scratch, just look through the forum and follow the build logs.

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