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    Andy, a wooden CNC will let you learn all about CNC, teach you about how to and how not to build a CNC machine and most of all give you pleasure and enjoyment in making your own things. I'd say do one of two things.

    1) Build a wooden machine with cheap components and make items and possibly make money from cutting things for other people or to sell and if you enjoy the CNC hobby then either save the money and build a bigger better machine or upgrade as you go along using your machine to cut parts for the new machine.

    2) Keep saving and build a machine (or get your son to) from Aluminium profile which you can cut/drill with wood working tools (all you'll need is a chop saw or table saw or circular saw or jigsaw with ali cutting blades, a cordless drill and things like a centre punch set and tap set) which you can use to make an aluminium frame (like routercnc's machine) If you manage to buy good deals on ebay, second hand things off forums etc. then a budget of 1500 will see you have a decent machine capable of cutting most of the things you want to which is not alot more than you currently have.


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    Have you thought about making a small machine? Most CNC problems and expense are down to scale.
    Quite honestly I think you should try to butter this bunch up a bit, they can do a lot more than advice if they like you

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    Every time I see this subject arise and the responses I think of two of my favourite bits of engineering, the Thornycroft MTB and the DeHaviland Mosquito ;-)

    - Nick

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    I know I got off to a round start and I apologised but apologies are only words and come cheap, I'm not making excuses for my outburst yesterday, but it was a realy bad day, I I should not have come on the forum, I know that people are only here to help and advise, and like it was said, if people don't listen to advice, how can they help.
    I do t need a massive machine. What I do is make toy boxes
    land wanted to carve the names out of the front panel
    The biggest piece of MDF I work with is 36in x 18
    Thanks anyway I honestly do appreciate and apologise if I was out of order yesterday

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    You are not too far away from me Stockport, if you want a few bit cutting to get you started you are welcome to come over and I could do them for you.
    The more you know, The better you know, How little you know

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    Quote Originally Posted by Clive S View Post

    You are not too far away from me Stockport, if you want a few bit cutting to get you started you are welcome to come over and I could do them for you.
    Thanks very much
    I don't know if I'm going to bother now but that's very kind
    I'm gong to look for some plans for smallish metal CNCs

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    At that sort of budget have you considered the Chinese 3040/6040 type machines

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    Hi yes I have, but have been told to stay well away, I've read some good reviews but seen some bad ones too.
    its difficult if you only got like 1k. So still in no mans land lol
    thsks for taking the time to mail me, I realy do appreciate it.

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    Well have a 3040 and its been a learning experience, but one that has been worth the cost the learning.

    To be fair they are marketed as engravers not billet aluminium mills ;-)

    The wiring on them, maybe changed in last 3 years , was very brittle , went intermittent, rewire of motor cabling cured that.

    The control box uses Toshiba integrated drives meant for photocopiers, they can be bit sensitive, but after a rewire and replacing 2 chips, fingers crossed , no further trouble.

    The spindle ,on cheap 3040, was a reused servo motor core, it`s only 180w so cutting deep aint an option.

    Item linked above has a big 800w water cooled spindle , less of an issue, control box looks very similar.

    Unsupported rails on the long axis on one linked would limit accuracy in hard materials would guess, its horses for courses.

    Consider a Chinese frame with better electrics fitted?

    Also need to budget in for software, genuine Mach3 licence and CAD and CAM software of choice.

    P.S. its the internet a bit of banter is what its all about , yesterdays news is todays chip wrapper ;-)

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    True, but it helps to know what your looking for.
    thanks for the advice,it means a lot

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