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    Got some cutting on them today. I was about to post that they are working well and then SNAP!

    I got about 2 hours continuous use on it.
    I tried those a few years ago and they lasted both minutes ... so I guess you did better than me. The larger ones are not so bad though.

    Personally I'd recommend single flute carbide cutters from aliexpress/eBay. The price is similar, they have more room for the chips and are stronger as purely carbide.
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    Thanks Jonathan. Are you aware of any straight flute 3mm (or 1/8") solid carbide that have a 6mm shank? I need to extend them out the collet a bit to clear the dust shoe. It's asking a bit much of a 3mm shank.

    Actually I think cutwell might have some so I'll pop over there for a look.
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    Nice chips :)

    Cutwell do sell a 4mm dia. 6mm shank straight flue solid carbide cutter..... 23!!
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    Tried those 3mm cheap bits today and they performed ok on Mahogany, no breakage yet

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    I just bought another 9 of them. If you want a straight flute 3mm cutter with a 6mm shank I'm not sure there are many alternatives.

    There are some similar ones on eBay with a shorter cutter length (7mm) which might last longer if you don't need a greater DOC.
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