1. Hi all!

    I joined MYCNCUK to be able to read Bill Todd's full thread on his impressive Hardinge HLV-H renovation. A beautiful job he did too! I own a Tormach mill, and have built a small CNC mechanism for my Feeler lathe (Hardinge clone). My main interest is railroad (railway to you guys) modeling, and lately I've been using the CNC equipment to make custom wheels (American N and Nn3 and British TTn3.5).

    Randy Gordon-Gilmore
    Rio Vista, California, USA

  2. Hi Randy :wave:

    Welcome to the UK's finest cnc forum :)

    Thanks for all the nice things you've been saying about my work :dance:

    Some lovely things come out of Bills boudoir :D
    Sadly few 'lovely things' make it into my boudoir these days:)

  3. Thanks for the welcome, Bill and Kip! I don't know how I avoided noticing this forum for so long.

    Randy Gordon-Gilmore
    Texas, USA

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