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    Can anyone help?
    My compressor will not charge greater than 2 Bar of pressure. I've checked for leaks and cannot find anything. Thought it maybe head gasket, but it seems fine with no damage or splits. Air is sucking through air filter ok. Pressure regulator is working ok as pressure falls when turned anti-clockwise.
    The only thing that I suspect maybe the valve holder plate, but don't want to replace this if it won't fix the problem.

    Any advice would be most welcome.

    Thank you in anticipation.


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    Hi Gary
    What pressure is it rated @
    The regulator is on the outlet from the tank and does not control the actual pressure attainable, governing of the pressure is done by a pressure switch that cuts in when pressure drops to a preset level and then cuts off the motor supply when tank is upto pressure,
    So the switch is controlling your maximum pressure.
    pressure switch is adjustable, but it will depend on the rated pressure of the tank, there should also be a relief valve on the tank to prevent over pressurization.

    Just had a look @ Machine Mart and it would appear to be a diaphragm pump so you will need to remove the head to make sure it's not damaged and is sealing around the edge,also check the non return valves.
    Hope that helps.
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    The compressor is rated at 8 bar. I've had the head off, but gaskets seem ok. The valve holder plate with the reed valves appears ok, but does rattle when shaken.

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    whats the piston look like ? it could be blowing by .... edit

    a diaphragm ... it might have a hole in it ?

    also does the compressor switch of when it gets to 2 bar ? or does it just run non stop ?

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    I would imagine it's running none stop because it can't attain the cut out pressure so there's a leak, if it's stopping @ 2 Bar it's the pressure switch.

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    ditto ;) thats wat i fought

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    It does not cut out and charges continually. The piston is ok and so are the head gasket and base gasket.

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    I had a similar problem with a compressor - it had a mucky reed valve, so it wouldn't close and just pumped the same air all the time. So make sure the valves are clean and operating OK. If the valve plate rattles as you say, then this sounds to be the culprit.
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    Examined the reed valve and yes that's the problem. Even when closed you can see day-light around one of the edges, looks like the plate has lost a bit of material over-time. Will order a new plate assembly from MachineMart tomorrow. Thank you all for your responses!

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    Confirmed, it was the valve holder plate. Compressor works like a dream now. Thanks for the help.

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