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    Hello all,

    Bought a Miyano MTV-T350 a couple of months ago, just waiting for an electrician to return from holiday to wire it in for me and I'll be up and running with the first machine I've bought.....hopefully.
    First few years in engineering were spent doing injection mould tools (MH, Bognor), then turned to motorsport. Currently a composite tool designer, but spent the first 7 years here machining all manner of terribly abrasive materials using 3/3+2/5 ax simultaneous. Use Vero-Visi for modelling and programming, dipping a toe into Catia recently. Also run the 3d printers we have but that's a walk in the park compared to machining in reality.
    Intend on just doing bits and pieces for friends really, no real goals I suppose!
    The Miyano uses a Yasnac J100m control, which seems to use programs identical to standard Fanucs. Hopefully. I bought this because at the toolmaking place we had a Fanuc Robodrill which I adored and this seems very similar in spec outwardly. 48M/min, 12k spindle (rebuilt a couple of years ago), 500x480x250. Hopefully good enough to do some 3d bits and bobs

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    any new experience with miyano?
    i have also miyano same type but with 16 tolls and 16k spindle, 3 axis.

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