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    Hew member from PA, USA, Woodworker & furniture maker, Some metal worker, Have a full shop of equipment, Welder, lathes, Woodworking equipment. Interest has been in building CNC steel router. Looking for ideas & plans. Maybe 25 X 36. Thanks Andrew.

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    Hi Andrew
    Welcome to the forum, when you say CNC Steel router i assume steel construction ?
    If you have a look @ the build logs you will find lots of ideas. The usual route is to draw your design in sketchup or other CAD program and offer it up for the members to comment. Rule No 1 do not buy any motors or electronics until the design has been sorted.

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    Hello, thanks for your input. Yes I mean steel construction. I saw several designs I like. I have a couple cad programs that I used when I was building furniture & cabinets. I could never master Sketchup. I have TurboCad that I use. I'll keep in touch. Andrew.


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