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    I am hopingyou may be able to provide some advice on setting up a jog function on acontrol panel I am currently trying to mock-up.

    This is fora four axis router with a slaved X & B on the longest axis and a futurerotary axis A. The controller is a CSMIO/IP-S. The idea is to control the spindle speed through Mach and have override controls.

    I amthinking that I will need the following:

    • Jog Mode – Rotary Switch, 1 Pole 3 Position (Off, Incremental, Continuous)
    • Axis Select – Rotary Switch, 1 Pole 4 Position (X, Y, Z, A)
    • Jog Increment (Speed) – Rotary Switch, 1 Pole 7 Position (0.1, 10, 20, 40, 60, 80 & 100%)
    • Direction Buttons – Momentary Push Buttons (+ & -)
    • LED Indicators – 24 volt LEDs, to indicate jog mode.

    My Questions

    Assumingthese are all 24V DC

    1. Can these buttons and switched be directly wired to the controller using feeds from the 24v power supply?
    2. Will the slaved axis’s work together under the control of the X control?
    3. Would a potentiometer be a better option for the jog speed control, similar to a feed and speed override? Still to look into these as well.
    4. I was hoping that I could use Mach3 OEM codes to set up the functions, is this correct?
    5. Will there be a need for a macro to control any of this, I’m assuming there is for the LEDs and is there any info available so I can quickly learn.
    6. Lastly for now, has anyone done this and has any diagrams, macros they are willing to share that I could use as a starting point.

    Sorry forthe long post but I am currently trying to wire up my control panel.

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