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    Hi All,

    I have a beautiful chinese 6040 cnc machine that has a cylindrical, water cooled VFM cutter fitted. It works a treat and now that I am getting used to Artcam, I am actually cutting MDF! (OK, fairly basic, but I'm happy). Is it possible to replace the VFM with a laser cutter? Has anyone actually succeded in doing this? I can see that a big issue seems to be that most laser cutters have their laser tubes mounted horizontally.



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    I'm also curious about the answer to this in a general way.

    I have a self built router and I wonder what would be involved in making it dual purpose and swapping a laser onto it?? Is it as easy as a PSU and a laser, then using a suitable CAM? I cut a lot of small pieces from plywood with straight edges so I imagine a laser could save me a lot of work with hold-down and finishing.

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    A little research shows one doesn't just fit a laser head onto the machine - most use a pretty large laser tube that is water cooled and then direct the beam with mirrors to the cutter head.

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