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    Does anyone think this will be able to cut aluminium? That's between 2 to 4 mm thick??


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    Yes I would think so just but taking light shallow cuts....

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    Build log...here

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    do you think if i added some extra reinforcement it may work a bit better

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    Nothing cuts aluminium nicely, but given the right aluminium alloy the right tool bit and the patience of a saint you could succeed, but, you might wonder if more orthodox linear bearings could have saved your hair

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    Hi, What is the rating of your spindle" I have a 500 Watt example on order and I am hoping to use it for aluminium...

  6. The cut in that video would have sounded better and smoked less if the "builder" (I use the term lightly) had
    Used air to clear chips
    Added a regular squirt of WD40 or similar
    Used a decent spindle clamp

    As daft as it sounds, adding mass to the spindle mount wouldn't hurt, as a general rule of thumb you can never have too much mass or rigidity in a machining system, especially in areas subject to vibration.
    You think that's too expensive? You're not a Model Engineer are you? :D

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