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    Hi everyone, I've been looking at cnc routers for a while, my main interest will be making parts for RC planes.
    I don't have a machine yet but will hopefully get sorted out later this year, still trying to make up my mind about which machine to buy, 90% of my work will be in balsa or birch ply up to around 1/4'' but I would like to have the ability to machine either brass or alloy. A machine with a working area of around A3 would probably suit my needs any suggestions as to whats availabe would be helpfull, and I have limited PC skills although I have been playing around with some vetric programs and I'm getting there slowly!!

    Regards shedman..............

  2. Hi Shedman,
    I have built a CNC router (X:600 Y:1000 Z:150) and have a 50W CO2 Laser. I also build model planes! I can show you what I have built and offer some advice and your more than welcome to visit for a look.
    Do you want to buy or build a CNC router? Do you any CAD experience? Do you want to machine 2.5 axis or 3 axis parts?
    Regards Simon (Cube3 - Product Design)

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    Hi cube3, sorry for the delay in answering we are away on a short holiday at the moment.
    I will be looking at buying a machine ready built plug and play as I wouldn't know how to start building my own. A 2.5 machine around A3 size would probably suit my needs as you can use the feed through tool on Vetric for longer items. My cad skills are very limited I have played around with inkscape and exported a dfx file of a gear wheel in to Vetric and run the cutting simulation. I might take you up on the offer of a visit if I can work out how to use Dart charge!!!!

    Regards Jan.......

  4. Hi Jan,
    Not sure what to suggest as a machine, I went for the self build so no experience of other machines. I am sure there are plenty of others on this forum that can help you find a machine. I don't use vectric, so again no help there. I use Draftsight for dxf,s into my laser and SolidWorks and HSMWorks for 2.5 axis machining. Your are more than welcome to come and see my machines but as they are at work it would have to 9-7 Monday to Friday only. Going to have a look at vetric now just in case it does something I could use! Look for Cube3 product design if you want to call me. Cheers Simon

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