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    The flat bar will not add much stiffness and will in all likelyness resonate...what are you doing to stop the chips from collecting on your rails as they're right in the path of the flying chips. Would like another look at your Z axis as I seem to remember thinking that your beating carriages were too high up which means alot of length hanging down unsupported?


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    I don't really know what I think because I can't see what you are trying to achieve.

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    update on design thanks to the help from Dean :) the frame is made out of 90mmx90mmx5mm mild steel and 200mmx100mmx10mm on both y and x axis. all plates are 25mm thick apart from the end plates that connects to the ballscrews as they will be tentioning the screws so they are 30mm, ball screws are r2020's on x and y and z axis is r1610. the y axis will have a rotating ballnut and ball screws fixed both ends and then tentioned. on both y and x axis i will be using 25mm profile rails and 15mm on the z axis. im not starting with electronics yet but i do know ill be using nema 23's 3nm but still learning here.

    thoughts anyone?


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