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    Hi All

    Anyone know if theres a supplier in or around Nottinghamshire, I know about KJN in Leicester and think theres one near Alfreton; just wondered if there were any more??


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    ASC metals over at Lincoln.
    They deliver Nottinghamshire every day.

    Sod it ignore, I missed the profile bit out of the first post, ASC is just a non ferrous supplier.
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    Also MBSITEM in Ripley
    Not used them as a private customer, but in a previous company.

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    We use MBS in Ripley all the time at work just beaware that they will charge you for packing (about 15) unless you tell them otherwise, and they will deal with the public but charge if you use a credit card.

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    Had some prices of these people, seem reasonable enough....

    Alloy Stock Ltd.

    Unit 2 Peter Baines Industrial
    DE22 3UD
    Tel: 01332 205885
    Fax: 01332 205886
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    Thanks for the prompt replies everybody I'll certainly be having a look at all of them.

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    Hey guys just found these people:

    Link: Item http://www.item.info/en

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