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    im after some advice on vacuum pumps for a vacuum table setup.

    i want to do exactly this -

    no idea if its the right sort of table, but been looking at this table as its the perfect size for my mill

    would this pump do and im assuming im going to need a liquid seperator as my mill has flood coolant?


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    I think it should work. A friend has similar size pump and the plate you aim to use is fairly small.
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    ok thanks

    im assuming as im machining all the way through a vac-mat will be better as it wont suck as much coolant in and a proper holed matt?

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    It will not suck dust and metal, that's for sure, due to the micro holes. It will hold steadier also, due to friction.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Boyan Silyavski View Post
    It will not suck dust and metal, that's for sure, due to the micro holes. It will hold steadier also, due to friction.
    how does it work with a normal holed mat? does the table suck metal into the pump?

    (sorry ive never used a vacuum table before)

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    Depends how fine is the sucking hole. Not the vacuum hole you see on pictures 3-6mm, but the real sucking hole in the vacuum hole center, it could be 0.5-1mm . Its a good idea the vacuum table to be made from 2-3 pieces and that could be dismantled for cleaning or repair.

    The vacuum table from the first link was ok and they have mats. any mat from superstore 2-5eur per meter will do the job, some experimenting is needed. cause they sell ridiculously expensive the mats.

    Or just DIY around the vac-mat
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    anyone know anything about these pumps?

    seems fairly decent, says its designed for continuous use, there are many brand new ones on ebay so am rather tempted

    I'm assuming 6cfm will be enough power?

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    been trying to do a vacuum table setup but an failing badly.

    I purchased this -

    and today I got the uni-jet 75

    the guy from ebay recommends 3cfm, if I worked it out correctly the uni-jet does 1250L/min which is 44cfm. so in theory plenty of suck.

    got a 32mm pipe coming out of the vacuum pump, then just before the table reduced down to 10mm as that's what you need to plug into the vacuum table. length of pipe maybe 2 metres

    when on and you try to move the work piece with your hand, you can but its bloody hard, its stuck down pretty dam well. you have to really really force it to get it to move with your hand. but when trying to machine it, it seems to move so easily.
    I'm using a 6mm cutter, with a z depth of -0.5mm with a feed rate of 300mm/min

    anyone got any advice?
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    UNI-JET 75

    Max. vacuum level: 140mbar (continuous service)

    Are you sure you have got the right pump?

    you need ~25
    Inches Hg which is around 850mbar vacuum

    My air compressor at home pulls on the inlet 0.94 bar =~ 940 mbar =705.05993009406 mmHg

    Your pump is way off, it seems.

    Who told you to look for CFM? you dont have 4x8 machine where you need 20HP pump with CFM rating.

    Unscrew your air compressor/ what ever size, 1-2hp is ok/ inlet filter and connect the vacuum table and check what i am talking about. Dont worry about the continuous use, nothing will burn. In fact it runs cooler. Temperature rises from compression, not suction. If your compressor is newish it will make damned good vacuum.
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    Ok, so I have the wrong pump?

    Not sure what you mean by

    you need ~25 Inches Hg which is around 850mbar vacuum

    What's an air compressor got to do with a vacuum table

    Sorry I don't fully get your reply

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