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    I've built and run a 4x4 3 axis machine for a couple of years now and its running pretty well. I'd like to have another machine to mill/carve large scale items in polystyrene up to car size. We could build a machine from scratch here but it might be just as cost effective to buy a machine from China. We could part build/part buy in terms of shipping that might be the best option. Cant see much point in shipping the rail beds and gantry. Anybody got any good reccommendations?

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    You should start backwards for 5 axis . what software will use and then ...

    I believe best would be a second hand 5 axis machine for wood , i have seen around 8k on auctions. i dont see how you can beat that price making it 3 times crappier and flimsier
    project 1 , 2, Dust Shoe ...

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    Yeh good point about software. HyperlMill has a pretty good interface but I hear good things about NCL, Catia, PowerMill and MasterCAM X4. No idea of their price though.
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