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    Okey! Big problem (maybe). The basic parts for my build have arrived. Got wrong carriages for the rails. Got 2 wide and 4 pillow bearings, should have been the opposite :(
    Well it's no biggie.. moving on!

    Got 1610 for all ballscrews even though I ordered 1605 for z screw! Will this be alright if I use pulley reduction 2:1?

    Have gotten full refund for the screw and compensation for the bearing so I can't really complain about the seller, probably a factory worker that had an off day :(

    So what do you guys say about 1610 screw for z?

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    If you reduce like you say then IMO there's no difference, just the same as having a 1605 geared at 1:1


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    It will be fine I do this often if require extra torque.!

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    Good! Luckily I havent ordered the pulleys and belts yet ;) by the way Neil, I love your machine! Your build log is my greatest inspiration right now (and eddys build log )

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