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    Okey! Big problem (maybe). The basic parts for my build have arrived. Got wrong carriages for the rails. Got 2 wide and 4 pillow bearings, should have been the opposite :(
    Well it's no biggie.. moving on!

    Got 1610 for all ballscrews even though I ordered 1605 for z screw! Will this be alright if I use pulley reduction 2:1?

    Have gotten full refund for the screw and compensation for the bearing so I can't really complain about the seller, probably a factory worker that had an off day :(

    So what do you guys say about 1610 screw for z?

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    If you reduce like you say then IMO there's no difference, just the same as having a 1605 geared at 1:1


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    It will be fine I do this often if require extra torque.!

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    Good! Luckily I havent ordered the pulleys and belts yet ;) by the way Neil, I love your machine! Your build log is my greatest inspiration right now (and eddys build log )

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    Okey fellows! Haven't decided what size for my aluminiumextrusion gantry. Been thinking about 160x80 but glancing towards the L-style way. Ran across this: what do you say about this?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Nr1madman View Post
    Okey fellows! Haven't decided what size for my aluminiumextrusion gantry. Been thinking about 160x80 but glancing towards the L-style way. Ran across this: what do you say about this?
    Not really suitable being only 80mm tall. However depending on size of machine 160mm will be touch on tall side. This gantry on 8x4 machine is made using 120x80mm and believe me it's more than strong enough for any router.

    Click image for larger version. 

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    Nice looking machine ;)
    My gantry will span 100cm.. so 160 may be overkill?

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    Okey! Update time.. decided on going with L style gantry using 80x40 aluprofiles.
    The plan is to go vertical with the router.
    Got all plates for z y and x axis machined in steel by a forumfriend. Turns out the gantry with plates, rails, bearings, motors and spindle will weigh in at about 60kgs. Sounds a bit much?
    Will I be okey using cnc4you 4nm nema23 motors? 2 for the standing x axis and 1 each för y and z..? 80v digital drivers running on 68V psu I might add...

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    Damn! New problem! According to drawings my linear rails use m6 bolts for fastening. Got my z axis front plate flattened and tapped. Turns out the holes in the rails are m6 but the counterbore are 9.5mm so I can't fit m6 bolthead. Should have measured first x)
    Here comes the question!
    Try to increase size of counterbore even though the stearingpin won't reach the center hole at first? This could create of center holes...?
    Or should I drill my tapped m6 holes and use something like helicoil to reduce the holes to m5?
    What would you have done?

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    Grind the Bolt head down. Put in hand drill with quick spin against bench grinder and sorted.

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