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    Now that is what I call thinking outside and inside the box

    Still gives me an uneasy feeling that kids are being used as the motive force though, I suppose it goes back to the Satanic Mills and the eradication of child labour here that you just feel it is "wrong" even when it's right. Wondeful idea.

    Nothing is foolproof......to a sufficiently talented fool!

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    ..... just to add to that: someone has now invented a reverse osmosis water cart - kid(s) pushes the water cart to go get water from a well ... where ever the well is, and as they push the water cart back home, a pump mechanism connected to the cart wheels drives/pumps the water in the tank on the cart through a small reverse osmosis unit.

    Result: prevsiously un-useable contaimanted shallow well water is now safe for consumption.

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