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    Hey guys, when i draw my part out in Solidworks all is fine and arcs are smooth. However, when i save as DXF and import it into Vcarve the arcs are not smooth in turn making the machine sort of jump around those arcs,

    What am i doing wrong, do i need to export from solidworks in a certain way?

    ve attached the files so you can see the difference

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    This is a dxf translator parameter probably in solid works. Go through the option to see if it will allow you to change any settings on how it outputs the arcs.

    Failing that, see if vcarve has a smoothing function. I know aspire has it and i use it all the time.
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    Thanks buddy, will give that a try and see the outcome

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    I have a feeling that there are different versions of dxf - at least, when I've exported dxf files from various CAD programs, I've been asked which version I want to use. One difference is whether or not you want to use "real" arcs or straight line approximations. I've never used Solidworks but there might be some option like that when exporting dxf?

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