Edging peripheral milling... pleeeease help!!!


Thank you for entering in my post

I am currently machining mild steel plates 1400x700x50mm.

They do not have a normal rectangular shape, and they have been laser-cut by leaving 4mm of material each side
I need to machine all this profile first, and I am using this 50mm Iscar shoulder end-mill (90 degrees) here on this link

I am machining these plates on a 8 meters bed CNC milling with a cad/cam program, which cannot be modified, made by my team-leader.
He did set the following parameters: cutting speed 1200rev/min, feed 1500mm/min, cutting depth 2mm; so 25 passes and it takes very long to machine all this profile.
I my company to do profiles, we do always set a small cutting depth between 2 to 3mm and we put a high feederate, I do the same too, since I was taught in this way when I had my apprenticeship.

I know that a maximum chip thickness is the most important parameter for achieving a productive and reliable milling process.
Which would be the best parameters to achieve the maximum chip thickness on this job?
Could I set a 15mm cutting depth, or at least more than 5mm?

I know that using a bigger cutter would help to increase the chip thickness, and I do also have 125mm Iscar shoulder mill with exactly the same tips of the 50mm-one (see link above), could I use it to machine this profile?

In my company they never use extended flute cutters for profile milling, even if we have some of them, (I did put an example on this)
Which is the most productive way to machine these profiles?

Any suggestion according this matter will be very appreciative

Thank you in advance for your support