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    Hi There, first time posting on here so please be gentle.

    Firstly I know almost nothing about CNC machines and almost definitely haven't got time to learn enough to build my own machine like most of you good folk seem to have done. I am a woodworker who builds quite a few bespoke speaker cabinets for customers amongst other things. I'd like to transfer most of the panel machining over to CNC as it seems that this would drastically reduce the time it takes to produce repeatable accuracy parts.

    My first thoughts were that I should get a machine that took a full 8' x 4' sheet of material but in this country that seems prohibitively expensive. My budget is 5k max really.

    There seems to be a plethora of machines on E-bay but none really seem big enough, I reckon I could get away with cutting 1/4 boards so 1220 x 660 working area. I came a across a few companies that could supply either all the electronics or some of the frame, but very few that could supply a turnkey solution.

    CNC4you quoted me

    1 RM1605-C7 Ballscrew -600mm 70.40 70.40

    2 RM1605-C7 Ballscrew -1200mm 86.40 172.80

    3 BK12 ballscrew support TMT 47.96 143.88

    3 BF12 ballscrew support TMT 24.86 74.58

    3 Ballscrew mount ID28mm 7.10 21.30

    2 HGR20 square rail -1400mm 77.30 154.60

    2 HGR20 square rail -700mm 43.30 86.60

    8 Hiwin20 square carriage 28.86 230.88

    1 4Nm digital stepper motor kit x 4 Axis with mounts 435.92 435.92

    4 8MM-10MM XB coupling (large) 11.45 45.80

    1 Z Axis 300mm ballscrew with plain mount 275.36 275.36

    1 2.2Kw spindle + VFD + mount kit 387.78 387.78

    1 Water pump 41.99 41.99

    10 water pump tubing 1.76 17.60

    1 External E-stop 12.43 12.43

    10 4 Core screened cable 0.5mm 2.08 20.80

    4 4 Core screened cable 0.75mm 2.49 9.96

    1 Mach3 cnc control software 95.04 95.04

    1 UC300 motion controller 104.99 104.99

    Subtotal 2402.71

    UK Mainland shipping 13.38

    V.A.T 20% 483.22

    Total 2899.31

    which seems reasonable but I have no idea where to start speccing the rest of the stuff I'd need to build it or even what I'd need TBH. I asked them if they could spec a turnkey machine but never got a reply - busy I guess.

    I also came across this machine on world of CNC http://www.worldofcnc.com/collection...router-package which seems almost perfect for what I need although there is very little detail on the specs. I like that there is support and installation included. However when I looked into the company there are MANY complaints here about the business practices and actually getting a machine, this does seem at odds with their exemplary ebay star rating however.

    I also like the look of this http://www.prototools.co.uk/shop/cus...cat=522&page=1 but again thin on specs, they do a more heavy duty version http://www.prototools.co.uk/shop/cus...99&cat=0&page= that looks more in line with the hardware quote I got from CNC4you but it is much more expensive at nearly 8.5k inc VAT.

    So far the world of CNC one seems like the best bet, and I like the idea of hand holding etc but not if they are con men.

    Any help or advice would be very much appreciated.



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    Had a couple of nice conversations with members about this. But big thanks to Jazz who wrote me a long emal, we still need to talk but he was very helpful. Also Petesos who let me come look a t his machine that he bought from a source I am considering. He was very helpful and let me have a fiddle about for a couple of hours. Thanks Pete.


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    Hi Stefan
    Welcome to the forum.
    Good luck with your purchase.
    Very nice to see that Dean is still watching and helping out. @ least his e mails can't get deleted.
    Kindest regards

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    Quote Originally Posted by mekanik View Post
    Very nice to see that Dean is still watching and helping out. @ least his e mails can't get deleted.

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