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    Clive you are my hero!

    It now works. I changed the z axis limits to be between -75 and 0. I was sure that I had tried it at that setting before but i must have got the numbers the wrong way round.

    Thank you very much for your help. All I need to do now is buy a spindle and wire up the limit switches and it'll be ready for production work lol.
    Ok that's great. I just use home switches and rely on the soft max limit for the other end. Be aware that the sign may have to be changed to get it to home in the correct direction and it is usual to put the Z +ve at the top so a minus z code will move the spindle down.
    this is a sample z .ini:-
    HOME = 0.0
    MAX_VELOCITY = 30.0
    SCALE = 240.0
    FERROR = 1
    MIN_FERROR = .25
    MIN_LIMIT = -325.0
    MAX_LIMIT = 0.001
    HOME_OFFSET = 0.000000
    HOME_SEARCH_VEL = 10.000000
    HOME_LATCH_VEL = -2.083333 notice the sign easily missed
    HOME_SEQUENCE = 0......This can be 0,1,2 this alters the way the axis homes ie 0 = home first.

    good luck with the build. Clive
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    [QUOTE=suesi34e;71715]I hope you get this going right Thomas it looks to be a lot of fun.

    You mention Jazz I sure wish he was still on the forum, in my view the forum has lost a great guy and it just isn't the same without him. He was a great help to me nice to talk to.

    All the best


    Hi, I have been very busy for the ast few weeks (a situation that will continue for a while as I am busy building an 18 foot fast fihing boat and am converting a van into a camper to pull it!!). Yuo mention that Jazz has left the forum - is this really true? If so it is very sad, as Jazz is one of if not the most helpful and experienced members,
    and will be sorely missed. G.
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