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    Hi All,

    Just wanted to say hi

    I've been toying with the idea of building a CNC for many years mainly for wood and ali work.

    But the time has come where i fell my life is empty without the use of a CNC to build all my projects (wife approval took the time)

    My Master Plan :)

    well my aim is to build a 5 axis CNC with a 2.2kw spindle to cope with the ali work, still deciding how i'm going to have my additional axis set


    Phoenix (James)

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    Hi James welcome to the forum!

    5 axis has got my attention, allot go with a 4th but don't think I've seen a 5 on here yet!, good luck with the build and hope to see your progress on this.


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    Hi Lee,

    i will keep you informed or the design, still deciding which is the best way to go with the additional axis. My mind is saying go with b + c on the x axis

    so my build plan will have to be a standard 3 axis cnc router, followed by it milling its own B and C axis, i can then swap out the spindle holder and wire up the additional axis.

    Hopefully this will keep the cost down a little, but the over all working size of the device i would like to be 1m x 1m x .5m, so fairly large working area.

    Have Fun


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