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    once all my z axis plates are all finished in solidworks where can i send the files of to where they cut the plates and tap and drill from my drawings?

    ive asked a couple and they said they dont do drilling.



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    I would put up a RFQ in the marketplace section here on the forum, are they fancy shapes, could you not drill and tap yourself?


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    If you're getting a drill press and they're just square plates (I'm assuming you're getting ecocast or tooling plate for the ground surfaces to put your bearings on?) then a bit of engineers blue, set square, steel rule, centre punch set, scribe and you've already got the hammer!! Mark up the holes, centre punch them, drill on your drill press, tap using your drill press as a guide to keep 90 (search youtube for videos) and bob's your uncle you've got a drilled and tapped plate.....

    Alternately search for local machine shops who will mill the edges to your desired shape and drill and tap for you....but will be expensive!


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    Hey Reefy,

    Prepare to suffer a little bit of frustration finding a machine shop. Why? A lot of places don't like doing one-off jobs and when they do, they're usually expensive. It's probably because they've seen and heard it all - people turning up with projects and ideas only to disappear and never be heard from again... Or, worse still, getting a project under way and chopping and changing their plans...

    If I could give you a word of advice - get your plans/drawings/files etc. tidy, clear and unambiguous. Visit a couple of shops in person, don't rely on emails getting answered. I've always had the best experiences by calling ahead and arranging to bob over for a chat.

    (But yeah, +1 to an RFQ on here too...)


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    thanks again guy's, the shape of the z axis plates are quite plain and simple its just the holes that need cutting out for the spindles and all the m10 and m8 bolts, the plates are 25mm thick and the 3 plates that the spindle sits in are 15mm.



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    Do you not think that this is OTT I think you will have difficulty in finding someone to drill into the ends of plates to the accuracy that will be needed to put this together. Then you have to think about maintenance .
    Please don't take offence it's just my two pence worth.
    The more you know, The better you know, How little you know

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    no offence taken im here for advice and most important for my benefit "criticism" :) ill go back to the drawing board then to figure an easier way to bolt this together.



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    i think maybe if i just got all the plates cut to size and all face sides drilled and tapped by experienced people then when it comes to the edge of the plates i can align all the plates together and mark out the holes from the plates and then just clamp and drill my self using a decent pillar drill. the plates are 25mm thick so plenty of space for 10mm bolts.

    unless anyone has a better idea :)



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    As Clive said getting the tapped holes in the edge of the plate will be a mare.
    It needs to be set up on a mill,clocked in and drilled using digital readout then a couple of dowels after its all squared up. so your back to a machine shop or one of the nice guys on the forum.

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    Or alternately get a nice member on here (or make yourself) one like Wal had made for drilling and tapping into the end/side of the plates....!


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