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    Hi guys,

    I need to hire a wood-working shop for a day or two. I've found one in Battersea which looks good but is quite a long way from me in Gravesend, Kent. Can anyone suggest an alternative?

    The job I need to do is pretty simple; just rip some sheets of ply, add a plain rebate to each side then cross cut them. So I need a table saw and a router table / spindle moulder.

    Any ideas, or do you have a workshop that is not fully utilised?

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    Men's Sheds are a great Aussie idea....... partly to make up for being so submissive at cricket ;)

    Looks as if there are now Men's Sheds already open in Dartford and Gillingham.

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    1. just rip some sheets of ply.
    2. add a plain rebate to each side.
    3. then cross cut them.

    cant you use a circ saw ? run against a straight edge.
    you could use a router to add the rebate.
    depends how wide the pieces are... you could cross cut them with a chop saw.
    or a radial arm saw.

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    Thanks. It's not the tools that are the issue it's the space to work and make some mess. I used to have a table saw but sold it when I moved due to the space.

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    fair play, i do what i can in my garage, and what i cant outside it. ( weather permitting )
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    Bugger, I forgot to give you the weblink which is http://menssheds.org.uk/find-a-shed/
    Looks like the Gravesend Shed is yet to come, but there are already Men's Sheds already open in Dartford and Gillingham.

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