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    Hi all

    I've just joined this forum after doing a goggle search for forums. Here's a quick synopsis: I'm a cnc miller by trade, and have worked on mainly Fanuc and Heidenhain controls. I would like a single phase cnc milling machine for my home so I can make RC car and helicopter parts as I like doing stuff like that. These will be primarily from ali I wish to add.

    I have no idea what machines are out there. So far I have discovered the Syil X series, Contour Minor and Denford Triac and the odd one or two others by searching the internerd, but that's as far as I have got as far as market knowledge goes. I'm of the understanding that these machines run on a program called Mach 3, and I have been pointed in the direction of another program called Fusion 360, which I am yet to download. I've just inherited an old PC with which to run operating software on, and....... That's as much as I know, and now you know the task and learning curve ahead of me.

    I'd prefer to buy 2nd hand at this time as I don't have the dosh to buy new, So I would like to know if you guys have any recommendations as to machines, programs, pros and cons of each and so on and so forth.

    Many thanks in advance
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    Well, Nothing says being helpful like 85 views and no replies. I had better start doing my own research then.
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    Well I dont visit here very often but I'll throw in my tuppence worth. Mach 3 is one of the programs available for machine control. Personally I use Eding cnc which I prefer but its up to you.
    Fusion 360 from Autocad looks like a very good program. I have it myself but havent had time to get into it. Its available for free as a hobbyist license.

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    Hi Crazy
    Sorry about the lack of response.
    Have a look @ this

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    I was one of the 85 views (might even have viewed it a couple of times as I'm a bit forgetful sometimes...!!) you got but had no reply from Crazy.....I didn't reply (probably like I'm guessing many others who looked at your post) because I have no knowledge of type of machines you're asking about and only very very limited knowledge of one of the programs (Mach 3) so can't compare it to anything else...sorry.


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    Quote Originally Posted by Crazy L View Post
    Well, Nothing says being helpful like 85 views and no replies. I had better start doing my own research then.
    Well I did see this and think to try posting and seen has you haven't had any replys I'll give this a Go but probably won't get thru the censors.!

    Ok well here goes.!

    Have you thought about building your own.? . . . With Your needs of wanting to cut mostly Ali and small parts for RC cars etc then you'll probably be better served with small strong Fixed gantry router type machine with high speed spindle that's more suited to Ali.

    Most small mills don't have enough spindle speed/power to cut ali at feed rates for best finish etc. Building a small Fixed gantry machine isn't difficult, esp if your into engineering and tooled up.
    You'll end up with a much better machine custom suited to your needs. And it will cost much less than buying a Mill and converting.

    I know you haven't had much response here so far but if you did take the Self build route then others would start chip in with advise thats for sure. If not then contact me directly and I'll glady tell you everything you need know from A to Z. Which your quite welcome to do now if you don't want to DIY build.!

    WELL Bugger me senseless it got thru.!! . .
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    Here is a very nice little fixed gantry machine built by Wal post 9
    I have seen the intricate work he has done on this I think there are some pics on here somewhere. ..Clive
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    Hi Crazy L

    I also read your post but I have only heard about the Syil and Denford machines but not used them myself.

    Mach3 software is a machine control program to read Gcode files (created by a CAM program) and turn them into machine movement. In basic form it sends the signals out of the parallel port to a Break Out Board (BOB), which in turn controls stepper motor drivers, which then turn the stepper motors, which turn the leadscrews and move the spindle (or workpiece).

    I think most people on here have built their own from scratch, with the odd conversion, which is also why you didn't get a response.

    Also, the new member, JazzCNC, should introduce himself . . .
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    Quote Originally Posted by routercnc View Post
    Also, the new member, JazzCNC, should introduce himself . . .
    Ahh did you miss me. .

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    Great to see you back Jazz. Yes, I for one missed you and I know you have been missed by many.

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