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    Hello Everybody,
    I am an active member of the machinist community in France. I am part of the team that is developping the leading custom machining marketplace website in France (that enables people to easily order online custom machined parts from machinists in France and Belgium) and would like to understand whether this concept could be interesting for the machinists in the UK.
    I love eating froggs and snails, buy my baguette, and enjoy the company of French women. I am sure you too !
    Simon (from Paris)

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    Hi Simon,

    What is the URL for that website, I have the same plan for, maybe we could talk.


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    Thank you for your interest. Looking at the name, it seems to me that your site is very similar to what we did in France. The site is . To see it in English, I guess you can try to use google translate.
    The idea is based on the concept and applied to machining custom parts.
    Actually, it's quite easy to translate into English. The challenge would be to find the right keywords to get enough visibility on Google.
    The site has reached a fair success in the machinist community in France, it's recognized as the best place for individuals or small companies to get custom machined parts in low quantities. People are often seriously struggling to find a solution and the site is a solution to this problem. On the other side, machinists all across France are happy to get an easy access to orders and enjoy the simplicity of the site.

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    Welcome to this engineering gaff. Enjoy your stay.
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